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Coffee is a daily fix, that many can't live without. It's that thing we crave first thing in the morning to wake up. That caffeinated goodness helps us feel more awake and can get us through a hectic day.

When it comes to coffee you have a myriad of choices. From different types of coffee, roasts, flavors and of course coffee beans.

A coffee bean that is grown in Hawaii will have a very different taste from one grown in Colombia. Of course, that is part of the fun of being a coffee drinker. You can sample and enjoy unique flavors from around the globe.

Just like there are connoisseurs of fine wine, there are many similar types of people when it comes to coffee.

Some times called "Java" or "Joe" coffee is a daily staple in many of our lives. While it is a stimulant, it is readily accepted to be a safe one when used in moderation.

Coffee chains have exploded in recent years and the competition among them can be fierce. Our website is dedicated to all things Coffee, Cafe and the like.

We offer a list of different types of coffee drinks and how they are made.  That way on your next trip to the cafe, you can dazzle the barista with your coffee knowledge.

Here you can find lists and reviews for coffee brands, coffee chains, coffee makers and even coffee grinders.

We even offer advice on things like, how to brew your coffee and even how to clean a coffee maker.
Coffee Brands List
Alterra Coffee Brand
Alterra is owned my Mars brands and is a personal favorite of mine. Alterra gives you good quality, hard working coffee that is perfectly roasted. With Alterra you get the choice of many unique blends of coffee or choose the country whose coffee you like best. So many choices and so many great coffees. They also produce the single serve Flavia Fresh Release packs so if you have a Flavia machine you can brew up single cups of Alterra goodness.

Bonfire Coffee Brand
Craft roaster located in Colorado. Specialises in small batches of gourmet coffees from around the world.

Caffe Nero Coffee Brand
Caffè Nero is a European coffee house brand specializing in the creation of high quality Italian coffee. Our philosophy is really very simple: Premium Italian coffee. It takes years and years of experience and knowledge to master the art of great coffee making.

Caribou Coffee Brand
Caribou is a gourmet coffee brand that has coffee houses in 15 states, with most being located in the eastern and mid-west part of the United States. Caribou offers some really interesting coffee blends including: Starlight, Guatemala El Paraiso, Daybreak Morning Blend, Coloumbia Cosecha De Oro, Papua New Guinea Madan, Costa Rica Sombra Del Poro, Lakeshore Blend, Caribou Blend, Traveler's Roast, Obsidian, Eclipse and more. I love the great choice of coffees that Caribou offers and the attention to detail that they pay to each. Slogan: Life is short. Stay awake for it.

Coffee Beanery, The
The Coffee Beanery is headquartered in a 45,000 ft.² facility, located in Flushing, Michigan. The Coffee Beanery was founded in 1976 and today they have over 100 locations throughout the United States, as well as 20 international locations. Slogan: Coffee people who care.

Costa Coffee Brand
An international coffee powerhouse, "Costa Coffee" was started in London by 2 Italian brothers. Costa coffee is one of the world's largest coffeehouse chains, they have more than 1,700 stores in over 25 different countries. Costa coffee is headquartered in the United Kingdom, where the majority of their stores are located. Slogan: Handcrafted coffee since 1971.

Death Wish Coffee Brand
If you are looking for strong, intense coffee, then look no further than death wish coffee brand. An insanely strong brew that promises to deliver the highest amount of caffeine of any coffee in the world. Obviously not your typical coffee brand when the logo on the bag is a skull and crossbones. This brand hails from up-state New York and comes with a warning label that reads "Try at your own risk." .

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Brand
Dunkin Donuts coffee is a favorite brand of many Americans, so their slogan " America runs on Dunkin' " isn't far from the truth. They brew up a nice medium bodied cup of coffee and at a cheaper cost than chains like Starbucks. If you are looking for a nice cup of coffee at a reasonable price, then head on over to Dunkin' Donuts. You know, come to think of it, the donuts are pretty good too.

Eight O' Clock Coffee Brand
Eight O' Clock is a trusted brand of coffee for many coffee lovers and they have a 150 year record of making coffee to back that up. They only use 100% Arabica Coffee and they roast all their beans at their own facilities. Slogan: Coffee First. Since 1859.

Folgers Coffee Brand
I still remember these iconic coimmercials for Folgers Coffee when I was a kid. Someone was always having a great morning and they were playing "The best part of wakin' up is Folgers in your cup" in the background.  My grandmother and now my mother both love Folger's coffee. Now my mother buys her Folgers coffee at Costco, with most of her other favorite consumables. Folgers breaks its coffee down into simple to follow categories. Mild Folgers include: Country Roast, Breakfast Blend & Morning Cafe. Medium Folgers: Classic Roast, Classic Decaf, 1/2 Calf, Simnply Smooth, Simply Smooth Decaf, Brazilian Blend, House Blend, Special Roast, Lively Colombian, Lively Columbian Decaf & Traditional Blend. Medium-Dark Folgers: 100% Columbian & French Roast. Folgers Dark: Black Silk, Gourmet Supreme & Deliciously Dark.

Gevalia Coffee Brand
Swedes love drinking coffee and their coffee brand of choice is Gevalia. Since 1853 Gevalia has been selling coffee in Sweden and now they offer that same great coffee to the rest of the world. Gevalia promises coffee that is rich, but never bitter and they offer a great variety of over 40 different premium coffees.

Gloria Jean's Coffee Brand
This coffee brand is wildly popular in Australia, where they have over 450 locations. They are also the largest mall-based retailer of specialty coffees in North America. Gloria Jean's opened their 1st store in 1979 and quickly expanded internationally. According to their website their hottest sellers are coconut flavored coffees, cinnamon flavored coffees, chocolate flavored coffees, vanilla flavored coffees and nuts & caramels flavored coffees.

Green Mountain Coffee Brand
Green Mountain gained fame when they introduced single serve k-cups for the Kuerig coffee machine. Green Mountain also sells coffee by the bag and the offer some exotic blends like: Wild Mountain Blueberry, Nantucket Blend, Southern Pecan, Fair Trade Rain Forest Nut, Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Mocha Java, Sumatran Lake Tawar and others. Green Mountain not only believes in great coffee they are on a mission to see a better, greener world. Hence their name "Green Mountain". Green Mountain aslo owns these popular coffee brands Tully's Coffee, Timothy's World Coffee, Diedrich Coffee and Van Houtte. Slogan: A revelation in every cup.

Hevla Coffee Brand
This is an intriguing coffee brand because they only sell low acid coffee. They use 100% arabica beans from Guatemala, but during the brewing process they claim to remove 72 different types of irritants from the coffee itself. Great news for coffee lovers that suffer from stomach or intestinal problems. Love coffee, but don't like the upset stomach afterwards? Give this brand a try.

Illy Coffee Brand

Illy Is the European coffee brand that hails from Trieste, Italy. That's where the company founder Francesco Illy developed the modern espresso machine. Illy is sold in 140 different countries around the world, enough said. Illy has a worldwide chain of Italian style coffee bars called "Espressamente Illy". Illy calls itself top of the crop when it comes to beans, selecting only the top 1% of Arabica beans grown around the globe. Slogans: sip. savor. be inspired. live happilly

Marley Coffee Brand

The son of the famous reggae singer Bob Marley, says that he started this coffee brand to honor the memory of his father. Ethically farmed and artisan roasted, they offer premium coffees from Ethiopia, Central & South America and of course Jamaica.

Maxwell House Coffee Brand
Maxwell House has been a favorite in American's homes for over 100 years now. Maxwell House is owned by Kraft foods and is the coffee that is advertised as " Good to the last drop. " . Maxwell House has long been known for ground coffee that you brew up in a traditional coffee maker.

They have recently added a line of single serve cups for fans of Maxwell House that prefer the new single cup brewing machines. Their "Ground Caf" line includes these varieties
: Original Blend, 100% Colombian, Breakfast Blend, Dark Roast, French Roast, House Blend, Lite, Master Blend, Gourmet Roast, South Pacific Blend, Wake Up Roast and Daily Brew. Slogans: Good to the last drop. , Good just got great.

McDonald's Coffee Brand ( McCafe )
In the past few years McDonalds has been busy making more than Hamburgers. They burst on the coffee scene in a big way with their launch of the McCafe brand. Coffee made with 100% Arabica beans and guaranteed to be brewed fresh every 30 minutes.

Millstone Coffee Brand
Millstone is owned by J.M. Smucker Corporation, you can buy their coffee in supermarkets and online. Their coffee comes in light, medium, medium dark and dark roasts. Some people like to buy their coffee in K-cup forms, you can also buy it in whole bean and ground. Millstone was started in 1981, by a man named Phil Johnson in the Seattle area.

Nescafe Coffee Brand
Nescafe is owned by Nestle and is a popular brand of coffee. Nescafe offers a pretty straightforward selection of 10 types of coffee's. Their coffee selection includes Nescafe Classic, Nescafe Original, Nescafe Alta Rica, Nescafe Cap Colombie, Nescafe Espresso, Nescafe Gold Blend, Nescafe Green Blend, Nescafe Cappucino, Classic Decaff and Gold Blend Decaff.

Peets Coffee Brand
Lots of people have been raving about this coffee brand, so it definately belongs on our list. Alfred Peet moved from Holland to the United States after WWII and didn't like the coffee here, so he decided to start his own brand. In 1966 he opened his first store "Peet's Coffee & Tea" , they like to produce small batches of superior quality coffee. Well known in the San Fran Bay Area and now, throughout the nation.

Starbucks Coffee Brand

Founded in Seattle in 1971, Starbucks went from humble beginnings to an International coffee icon. Starbucks made coffee houses into an American staple, they can only be described as a coffee monster. Millions of customers agree that Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee brands in existence today.

Starbucks offers much more than just a simple cup of coffee. If you crave the most exotic coffee drinks known to man, then Starbucks has you covered six ways to Sunday. Their most popular coffee blends include the big 3: Blonde Roast, Medium Roast and Dark Roast.

Review: I tried a bag of coffee from Starbucks recently called "Casi Cielo" (which means almost heaven in english). I have to say this is one of the best tasting coffees I have ever tasted. It smells luscious, is medium bodied and even finishes with a hint of cocoa. Everyone I shared it with liked it, it also has rave reviews on the Starbucks website. The problem is that you can only buy it for a limited time throughout the year.

Stumptown Coffee Brand
A young, hip coffee brand that was established in 1999, Stumptown has formed a loyal base of trendy customers. With locations in Portland, Seattle and New York Stumptown is serving it up fresh, from the East Coast to the West. Stumptown claims its success is in their roasting process, taking extra care and time to roast their beans to near perfection.

Tim Hortons Coffee Brand
Tim Horton's was popular in Canada way before they started showing up in the United States. Thanks to our northern neighbors for bringing high quality coffees and baked goods to our neck of the woods. Tim Horton's not only makes great tasting, fresh brewed coffee. They also make a mean iced coffee which is my favorite of all the major chains. Slogan: Always Fresh.

Tully's Coffee Brand
Yet another specialty coffee retailer based in Seattle Washington, Tully's was founded in 1992. They like to slow roast their coffee beans. They say that it's all the difference in the world, when it comes to flavor. Tully's is owned by Green Mountain coffee and is one of their brands. Tully's is available in light, medium and dark roasts.

Van Houtte Coffee Brand
This coffee brand hails from Canada and is a well-known brand there. A man named Albert-Louis Van Houtte started with grocery stores in 1919, he later focused on his true love coffee. Known as a master roaster, his reputation quickly grew and the brand that bears his name lives on today.

Yuban Coffee Brand
Yuban Is a premium coffee brand owned by Kraft Foods. A full-bodied and smooth coffee, it's a favorite of many coffee drinkers. The coffee is certified by Rain Forest Alliance Agriculture program, so it's green and good for the environment. A well reviewed brand of coffee, definitely worth a try.
The types of coffee drinks

If you have been to a café recently, then you probably noticed a large selection of different types of coffee drinks.  That’s great news for coffee drinkers, as it means we have a wide range of options when it comes to selecting our favorite coffee beverage.  Here’s a list of some of the most popular coffee drinks and how they are made.

Americano-take a shot of espresso and then add more hot water to make it slightly weaker.

Cappuccino- mix 1/3 espresso, 1/3 hot milk, and 1/3 milk froth which is made by passing steam through the milk to make it slightly bubbly.

Café latte-you take a shot of espresso and topped it off with a small glass of steamed milk.

Café mocha-this one is slightly sweet.  Make by mixing 1/3 espresso, combine with one 3rd steamed milk, now add another 3rd hot chocolate.

Café con panna-espresso topped off with cool whip cream.

Doppio-this is a double shot of espresso.

Espresso-the choice of many coffee drinkers throughout the world, especially in places like Italy.  A rich full bodied coffee is achieved, by forcing boiling water and steam through finely ground coffee beans.  This produces a small quantity of highly concentrated coffee which tends to be quite flavorful.

Espresso Romano-a shot of espresso and served with a twist of lemon peel.

Espresso macchiato-a shot of espresso serve with a small dash of milk.

Latte macchiato-a glass full of hot milk, touched off with a dash of espresso.
How To Brew Coffee
The secret to the perfect cup of coffee is all in the way you prepare it! Follow these simple tips to brew the best cup of coffee humanly possible.

Coffee tastes best when you grind the beans just before brewing. You can grind coffee and keep it to save time, but the freshly ground stuff just tastes a bit better.

Buy your coffee in bean form and keep it in a tightly sealed container. You can store it on the counter, you don't have to freeze it or refrigerate it.

When you are ready to brew, grind the beans yourself using a coffee grinder. You don't need an expensive one, the cheap ones work just fine. Use a fine grind for vacuum pots and one-cup cones (around 25-30 seconds) . Use a little coarser grind for your drip brewers (about 15-20 seconds). Use a coarse grind for cold water extractors (about 10 seconds).

I prefer to use filtered water for brewing my coffee, it justs tastes better. Water from a Brita filter pot works just fine.

When you are ready to brew use about 2 tablespoons of your ground up coffee for each 3/4 cups of water. For the optimal taste, drink your coffee soon after brewing.
K-Cup Reviews For Keurig Machines
Over the last few years we slowly morphed from a family that brews our coffee in pots, to one that brews our coffee by the cup. The Keurig Brewer, with their famous K- cups, allows everyone in our family to enjoy their favorite cup of coffee. 

There are so many choices, I can drink whatever I'm in the mood for at the moment. My taste buds crave variety and the K-cups are perfect for that. I can drink a different variety of coffee every time if I so choose. Here's a review of some of the K cups I've been drinking lately, hope that it helps in your quest for that favorite cup.

Caribou Blend: medium roast coffee (Caribou Coffee) - this is a really nice smooth medium coffee. Really nice flavors, perfectly blended and a good choice for me. Rating 9/10

Cinnamon Roll: light roast coffee (Donut House Collection) - 
this one didn't really remind me of a cinnamon roll. I have to say they miss the mark on this one, just kind of sweet syrupy tasting for me. Rating 4/10

Coconut Mocha: medium roast coffee (The Original Donut Shop) - 
Who knew that Coconut and coffee blended really nicely together. Well color me surprised but they do, a great treat when I'm in the mood for a little bit of sweet coffee. Rating 8/10

Colombia: medium-dark roast coffee (Barista Prima Coffeehouse) - 
Coffee was a bit strong for my liking, a little bitter tasting. Rating 5/10

Costa Rica: light roast coffee (Van Houtte) - A nice light coffee, with a bit of a fruity taste. If you like light and smooth coffee, Costa Rican coffee is a good choice for you. Rating 8/10

Donut Shop (Original, Medium Roast) - A medium, bold taste good for everyday drinking. Rating 9/10.

Hazelnut (Timothy's World Coffee) - this one has a nice hazelnut flavor, not overbearing. If you like hazelnut this one's a winner. Rating 8/10

Hawaiian Blend: medium roast coffee extra bold (Tully's Coffee) - Maybe this is just a personal preference of mine, that i've never been a fan of Hawaiian coffee. The taste is quite earthy and bitter to me, this one was no exception. Rating 4/10

Highlander Grogg (Door County Coffee and Tea Company) - This one is supposed to be Irish cream and something else, it's sweet but not overly sweet. If you're looking for something sweet maybe, but the blend is just a little off for me. Rating 6/10

Nantucket Blend: medium roast coffee (Green Mountain Coffee) - Another house favorite of ours, a nice balanced medium blend. Soft and smooth on the palate, overall excellent taste. Rating 9/10
Coffee Beans
If there is one single thing that is essential to great coffee, it is great coffee beans. The coffee bean is the life-blood of the coffee.

The climate where the beans are grown and the soil they are grown in, will determine much about the bean itself. This will affect the acidity, flavor and aroma of the coffee. With coffee grown in different parts of the world offering different characteristics in taste, texture and flavors.

It is essential that the beans are picked at the right time, when they are at the peak of flavor. The roasting process is another key step in the production of coffee. Roasting the beans releases the flavor from the coffee beans.

Just as there is an art to making great wine, there is also an art to roasting great coffee. Roasting is the most important step in the process of producing gourmet coffee.

Selecting the highest quality, best roasted beans to brew. Will result in the best taste experience from your fresh cup of coffee.
Coffee Mugs
It seems as though everyone has their own personal style when it comes to coffee mugs. Coffee mugs range in sizes from large to small, fat to skinny and many places in between.

Many people like logos, pictures or designs on their coffee mugs. A favorite hobby, pet, family member or sport adorns many coffee mugs.

Some people do opt for the more bland, solid colored black, white or brown. Yet, they seem to be in the minority.

Many coffee drinkers own more than one coffee mug and many have over 10 in their cupboards. Some people even like to collect coffee mugs.

Coffee mugs make good gifts, especially if the person is a coffee lover. A popular souvenir to bring home from a trip, is a coffee mug.

Advertisers will often use logos on coffee mugs to promote products.

Travel mugs, can keep your coffee warm while you are on the go.

You can clearly see, that the coffee mug often makes a statement about the coffee drinker. Which coffee mug will you choose?
How To Clean A Drip Coffee Maker

Cleaning your drip coffee maker, will ensure that your coffee tastes fresh. It's also a good idea because it will disinfect and keep any nasty things from growing inside the machine. It will also flush out any trapped Coffee grounds.

Using vinegar is a great way to go, it's a safe and natural way to clean your coffee machine.

Mix 2 cups of water with 1 cup of vinegar, now pour this mixture into the water chamber of the coffee machine.

Place the coffee pot into the machine. If the machine uses a screen filter, place it inside as well.

Don't use any of the paper filters or actual coffee for this cleaning method.

Switch on the machine.

You are not actually making coffee but you are flushing out the machine, which is a good thing.

Once all water has been transferred to the coffee pot, pour it out.

Now run the machine again, using only fresh clean water.

This will ensure that you don't have any vinegar taste with your coffee.

There you have it, a simple and safe way to clean your drip coffee maker.

Coffee Grinders
Coffee grinders are an important part of the process of turning coffee beans into your favorite cup of coffee. Coffee grinders have been around for hundreds of years and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

In fact the 1st US patent for a coffee grinder was issued in 1798, to Thomas Bruff, he also happened to be Thomas Jefferson's dentist.

Serious coffee gourmets believe in grinding their own coffee beans, this ensures the maximum quality and also produces the best tasting coffee.

If you are looking for the best grind possible, try using a using a Burr grinder.

A fine grind is preferred for the best results, the finer the better.
Did you know that contrary to popular belief, you should never store coffee in your refrigerator. Refrigerating your coffee will dehydrate your coffee, instead store your coffee in an air-tight container. Keep your coffee in a cool, dark place for maximum freshness.
Coffee makers offer the convenience of fresh brewed, high quality coffee at home or in your office. Over the years the brewing technology has improved substantially and it is now possible to get coffee house quality wherever, whenever. Coffee makers with single serve technology are quite popular now, allowing you to make a top notch cup of java, one cup at a time. Look for these top brands of coffee makers, to achieve your daily coffee fix.

Cuisinart Coffee Makers

Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers

Flavia Coffee Makers
Flavia is owned by Mars Inc. and is their go to coffee maker. The secret to the Flavia is the Fresh Release brewing system which serves up a delicious, fresh cup every time. A review: I have had one of these Flavia Fusion Machines for almost 8 years. The machine is used nearly everyday and has continued to perform well over this time. 

This machine uses fresh vacuum sealed packs to brew single servings of coffee or tea. The machine can also be used to brew cappucino. The machine has a canister water filter which you wil want to replace say once per year. You can also adjust the size of cup you are brewing, this essentially makes the coffee stronger or weaker. I always use Altera fesh packs with my coffee machine. My favorite coffee's are the Kenya, Columbia and Cost Rica packs. They have introduced some fancier machines including Flavia Creation 400, Creation 200, Creation 150 and the original Flavia Fusion. highly recommended machine, I think the fusion is more than adequate for the home. retails for $125.

Keurig Coffee Makers
Keurig makes coffee makers for your home and office, they specialize in the single serve k-cups. With a Kuerig k-cup you can brew up great coffee, one cup at a time. If you have different coffee drinkers with different tastes in the same house, everyone can drink their favorite coffee. This way you aren't left with any wasted pots of coffee. 

Most of the Kuerig Coffee Makers will not only make coffee, they can also make tea, hot cocoa and even iced beverages. Their deluxe brewers offer additional features like a backlit LCD screen that allows you to program water temperature and cup size. Kuerig Coffee machines for home / office range in price from around $89 - $249.

Tassimo Coffee Makers
Speaking as true coffee aficionado, I really like the Tassimo Machine. But, if you are someone who drinks lattes and cappuccinos, then you are going to love this machine. Tassimo uses real frothed milk and cafe style foam, most competitors machines use powdered milk. To me the flavor difference is remarkable. 

Tassimo has a technology built into their brewers that is second to none. They use a bar code technology on their single serve T Disc, this basically tells the machine how to brew up your product. It automatically adjusts for water temperature, brew time, mixture, froth of the beverage and more. Tassimo incorporates Bosch technology, which is second to none and the price is reasonable. Tassimo Coffee makers range in price from around $99 - $170, not bad for what you get.