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Famous Fast Food Mascots
Here we list some of the most famous fast food characters of all time. Some are weird, some are freaky, some are crazy, yet all are memorable!

A & W Bear: A & W uses a cartoonish bear as their mascot. Funny thing is he wears a orange sweater with an A & W logo and a cap that looks like some golfer would wear. Yet he's got no pants on!! Dude, for real, where's your pants?

Colonel Sanders: The famous white haired southern gentleman that started Kentucky Fried Chicken decided to use himself as a mascot. Turned out this crazy idea was pure mad genius at work.

Ronald McDonald: No clowning around here, McDonalds made this crazy clown an icon. He looks a little bit freaky, but kids seem to like him right?

Taco Bell Chihuahua: This dog is crazy for taco bell and cute as can be. He speaks Spanish too, so he must know his Mexican food. He loves to say "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" (I Want Taco Bell) .

Jack In The Box: This crazy concoction is a real life jack in the box, what a wacky yet memorable mascot. I guess you could make a rhyme out of it, he's a Jack Wack. The company calls him "our founder" , seriously?

Little Caesar: This guy is a tiny Caesar that sells you 2 pizzas for one price. He likes to repeat himself too, he keeps saying "Pizza! Pizza!" . Dude we get the idea.

The King: Burger King made this plastic smile flashing king sell lots of hamburgers. Check out those pearly whites, if you ask me he looks a little bit disturbing. I can't tell if this mascot is pure genius or pure insanity. What do you think?