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Fast Food Slogans List L - Z
Little Caesars - $5 Hot-N-Ready Pizza
Pizza! Pizza!

Long John Silvers Slogans: We Speak Fish
You're Going To Get Your Wish. Go Fish

McDonald's Fast Food Chain
Slogans: McDonalds. I'm lovin' it.
What you want is what you get.
It's a good time for the great taste of McDonalds.
Nothing can do it like McDonald's.
You deserve a break McDonald's.
We love to see you smile.
What we're made of.

Panda Express Chinese Food Slogans:
Gourmet Chinese Food
Chinese for: Yummy.

Papa John's pizza
Papa John's. Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.

Pizza Hut Slogans: Now You're Eating!
Gather 'Round the Good Stuff

Popeye's Chicken Slogans: Louisiana Fast
Love That Chicken From Popeyes

Quiznos Sub fast food
Slogan: Quiznos Sub. Mmmm… Toasty!

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Slogan: Red Robin - Yum!

Rio Wraps Slogan: Not Fast Food... It's Fresh Food Fast

Sonic, Drive-In Fast Food Chain Slogans: America's Drive-In.
Sonic's got it... others don't
not just good... it's Sonic good.

Subway, fast food chain Slogans: Subway. Eat fresh
The Way A Sandwich Should Be

Taco Bell restaurants, Mexican-style quick service restaurant chain Slogans: Think Outside the Bun
Make a run for the border
Fourth Meal
Why Pay More!?
Catch Phrase: "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" the Chihuahua from the commercials. (I Want Taco Bell in English)
Live Mas (means live more)
Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers, fast food restaurants
Slogans: Do what tastes right.
Wendy's. Quality is our Recipe.
It's better here.
Where's the Beef?
"It's better than fast food...It's Wendy's."

White Castle, fast-food burger chain
Slogan: White Castle. What you crave

Zero's Subs, submarine sandwich restaurants, USA
Slogan: Zero's Subs. We're Hot and on a Roll.