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McDonalds Restaurants
Founded in 1955 McDonalds has become one of the biggest and most well known fast food restaurants in all the world.

A man named Ray Kroc wanted to build a uniform way of creating hamburgers and other food items. With this unique vision McDonalds was formed. His goal of producing high quality fast food products with franchise wide uniformity is and has always remained a staple of McDonalds.

Once best known for French Fries and Big Macs they have expanded their menu to offer gourmet style sandwiches, fresh salads and even speciality coffees.

The golden arches have changed in design over the years, yet the theme remains constant. Now the McDonalds signs read simply, billions and billions served.

Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald - he was fired for being too fat.

You can thank the rise of fast food in America to Richard and Maurice McDonald, the two brothers who created the first McDonald's restaurant in 1948 in San Bernardino, California. They wanted their restaurant to be more efficient and cost-effective, so they designed a simple menu in a small building without any tables. They encouraged people to carry-out the food. By 1953, the brothers had begun to franchise their idea, and two franchises opened in Downey, California and Phoenix, Arizona. The rest is fast food history.

McDonald's is the largest purchaser of beef, pork, and potatoes and the second largest purchaser of chicken in the world. Its annual orders for French fries constitute 7.5% of America’s entire potato crop.

McDonald's annual revenue is a stunning $28 Billion Dollars. If McDonalds were a country it would be the 101st richest in the world. (2014 statistic)

McDonalds serves 70 million customers every day, a truly shocking number. (2014 statistic)

McDonalds current CEO rakes in $9.5 million dollars per year. (2014 statistic)

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